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Service Fees

All my mods, except mods I've given away free or sell stating that it is used, come with a 90 day warranty starting from the date you receive the mod. The only cost for an In Warranty issue is shipping the mod to me. Warranty is void in cases of abuse, misuse, or neglect (i.e., all issues that are user error related).

If you need service for your mod, contact me via the Contact Form on the Contact page. Please provide a brief description of the issue in the Message Field. I will need your name (and forum name if you have one) as well as what mod of mine you have and the mod number (mod number can be found on the invoice).

Sometimes the issue can be worked out on your end - please read the Mod FYI section for information that might apply to the issue you are having.

Fees for Out of Warranty, or In Warranty User Error, issues are as follows:

    *All the fees below include the replacement part, supplies needed to replace the part, labor for replacing the part, and paypal fee. Does not include return shipping cost.*
    Replacement of one battery (Stealthy, Delsy, Lexi): $22
    Replacement of two batteries (Milo, Max, Tera, Kera, Cricket): $34
    Replacement of the fire switch:
    Lexi, Cricket - $19
    Delsy, ninja Stealthy - $16
    Max, Milo, standard Stealthy, Tera, Kera - $14
    Replacement of the connector (also includes a new juice well/beauty ring):
    Lexi, Max - $18
    All others - $15
    Replacement of the connector's insulator: $8
    Replacement of the charging board: $20
    Replacement of the DNA display (also includes new frame/cradle for the screen and acrylic insert): $25
    Replacement of the DNA20D/DNA30D (also includes new frame/cradle for the screen and acrylic insert): $65
    Replacement of the Nivel: $85

Note: fees are subject to change if my cost for parts change.

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