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Mod Gallery

Customer and friends mamu mod pictures:

whtt - DNA20D Max, Lexi

Atlantisboy - DNA20D Stealthy

jkmtwo - DNA20D Max

Strprswpr - DNA20D Stealthy... cool Jwrap!

Tearose - OKR Minxy, DNA20D Delsy

Damselle - OKR Minxy, DNA20D Lexi and Stealthy

burnt_wick - Nivel Lexi

burnt_wick - Nivel Stealthy - love the kitteh!!

burnt_wick - Nivel Tera

glauserjg - DNA20D Stealthy, DNA20D Tera

Oz - one of a kind miniMilo (left) and OKR Denali

Tearose - DNA20D Stealthy... love the bow tie!

Avad - DNA20D Tera

Telly - DNA20D Stealthy

Dopey - DNA20D Stealthy

NebulaBrot - DNA20D Stealthy

Mikeg - DNA20D Max

whtt - DNA20D Delsy

Bert - DNA20D Stealthy

Junque - Nivel Lexi

Junque - DNA20D Stealthy

HzG8rGrl - DNA20D Lexi

Parky50 - DNA20D Max

Vicks - OKR Denali, DNA20D Lexi

Strprswpr - DNA20D Stealthy... awesome micro coil!

Basilray - DNA20D Max

Atrixguy - DNA20D Max

whtt - DNA20D Tera

chrisromano - DNA20D Tera

Oz - DNA20D Denali #1

Drewbalicious - DNA20D Max

Oz - OKR Minxy

Vicks - DNA20D Lexi

Emsmom - DNA20D Stealthy

RYN - DNA20D Lexi

VaporDroid - DNA20D Lexi

Shahzh - DNA20D Tera and Stealthy

Laskar13 - DNA20D Stealthy and Tera

Jkmtwo - DNA20D Stealthy and Tera

Basilray - DNA20D Tera and Max, OKR Minxy

Mj - OKR Minxy and Denali

Omo - DNA30 Tera

whtt - largest mamu mod collection... shown here are my older mods using a linear regulator (Flippy), and the Murata OKR module (Merlin, Denali, Minxy), and my newer mods using the Nivel (Lexi), and DNA20D (Lexi, Max, Delsy, Tera)... Flippy (top left) has been called my geek mod.

Bengal - most one of a kind mamu mod collection... the box mod on the very left is from my first year of modding - brings back memories of my n00b modding days.

Katdarling - most bling and pizzaz mamu mod collection... absolutely awesome!!

Chadsmo - most determined to win a Lexi... absolutely cool!!

Col. Gaunt's mamu mod collection.

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