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The mods I make are based on what I personally require, like, and want in a battery PV. For the most part, I focus on four primary factors when planning a new mod - power, form factor, battery type/capacity, and aesthetics.

    Power capability (min/max watts, volts, amps) is determined by the converter I plan to use in the mod. It's a great time to be a modder and have the newer generation of converters to work with to design and build power packed regulated mods. Being a high volts/watts vaper as well as a dual coil user, I would not consider choosing a converter that would not be capable of keeping up with my vaping needs. The converters that are doable for me then are the Murata OKR module, the Nivel, and the DNA20D.

    The first step in designing, then building, a mod is I first choose the converter I want to work with, then I plan the build around the converter. From choosing the enclosure to choosing the parts to choosing the battery to designing the layout - it's all based on the requirements and configuration of the converter.

    Form factor is a given for me - I choose various sizes, colors, and shapes of box style enclosures for my mods as I'm not a big fan of tube mods. When I decide I want another shape and size of mod - which seems to be way too often lol - I google and search what's available in enclosures and I literally can and do spend hours and hours until I find an enclosure that captures my interest.
    Battery type/capacity is determined by the size of the enclosure I've chosen for the mod as well as the converter I've chosen to work with. When working with a buck converter, like the Murata OKR module, battery type is preset by the user replaceable cylindrical IMR types due to the series battery configuration and no internal charging capability. How much capacity then is determined by the size of the enclosure. The smaller the enclosure, the smaller the battery the smaller the capacity, whereas a larger enclosure allows a larger battery with higher capacity.

    When working with a boost converter, like the Nivel or DNA20D, I have freedom to not only choose battery type - IMR cylindrical or high drain li-polymer, but also have the ability to easily incorporate internal charging. I also have the choice for a wider assortment of enclosures that are doable with the boost converter due to the single cell or parallel battery configuration.

    My overall goal is to design the layout of all the parts and components as efficiently as possible in order to use the highest allowable capacity for the size of enclosure I've chosen. When planning a new mod, I buy an assortment of high drain batteries with various mAh and tinker with what safely fits inside the enclosure.

    Aesthetics is the overall look of the finished mod - how the parts I've chosen fit with the look I want for the mod as well as if I've chosen the best design layout for the mod. This includes size and color and shape of the enclosure as well as the size and color and shape of the parts. If I'm not 100% satisfied with the finished look and layout, it's a do-over until I'm completely satisfied with it.

I've been modding for six and a half years now and still to this day and even after making more than several hundred mods I get a thrill from vaping that very first virgin vape from a newly made mod as well as pure satisfaction with a job well done from something I created and can share with others.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look-see at my mods.

oh... and I'm a self-taught web site developer with just a basic know how of HTML coding - if you find any glitches on my web site, please do let me know.

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